August 2017



August 20th 2017

The Colac Vets had a field of sixteen riders for their monthly medal.

Riders raced in cool and fine conditions.

The field was split into six bunches with the two scratchmen chasing five minutes to a bunch of five riders and 37 minutes out to the two limit riders.

The five riders from the second scratch bunch never let the two scratch riders into contention with the scratch riders only picking up 44 seconds of their 5 minute handicap on second scratch by races end.

Second scratch picked up the three riders from the third scratch bunch into the second of the two lap course.

This combined group then caught the middle and front markers in the last two kilometres with Des Read holding out to be caught 600 metres from the finish.

A rejuvenated David Lunn, who was having just his third race this year and eighth race in the last two years, rode a strong race to pick up his 20th monthly medal with his last one being six years ago.

Heather Hamling finished well to take second with Ralph Iselt in third place.

Tony Luppino led in Grant Oates to take fastest time.

There will be no club race this week with the Warrnambool club hosting a race at Dixie.

Result: 52Km Monthly Medal



1 Tony Luppino             Fastest Time

2 Grant Oates


5 Minutes

3 David Lunn                 1st                  

4 Ralph Iselt                    3rd     

5 Arno van der Schans   4th

6 Steve Hamling            5th

7 Damian Luppino           10th 


8 Minutes                                  

8 Heather Hamling          2nd

9 Gavin O’Brien             9th  

10 Rebecca Luppino


14 Minutes

11 Gerard Hickey             6th    

12 Peter Theodore           8th

13 Gary Legg


25 Minutes

14 Terry Robinson


37 Minutes

15 Des Read                     7th

16 Sue Theodore                                                       











Aug 13th 2017

The Colac Vets had a small field for the third race in a row with 11 riders competing in their club race in good conditions.

Last week’s winner Des Read was joined by Sue Theodore and this pair was sent of the 29 minute mark and had a 14 minute start on Gary Legg and Terry Robinson.

Meanwhile David Coventry was put off the scratch mark, for the first time, with Grant Oates and this pair were chasing a 2 minute gap to a bunch of five riders.

Coventry stayed with Oates until the Alvie hill at the 27Km mark at which point they were still 40 seconds behind the five riders in front of them.

Oates then went on alone and caught the five riders with 9Km remaining.

These six riders then caught the front markers with 4km to go.

In the final few kilometres Oates put several surges to wear down the other riders and finished off strongly to take the win with Chris Kane hot on his wheel to take second and Arno van der Shans coming in third place.

Four Colac members competed in the Victorian Veteran Cycling Road Championships at Learmonth.

Normally ran in age groups, this year it was ran in grades.

Rebecca Luppino was Colac’s best performer taking out the women’s A Grade race.

Result: 46Km Club Race



1 Grant Oates                 1st & Fastest Time

2 David Coventry           10th


2 Minutes

3 Chris Kane                   2nd                  

4 Arno van der Schans   3rd     

5 Ralph Iselt                   4th

6 Heather Hamling         5th

7 Steve Hamling             6th  


15 Minutes                                 

8 Gary Legg                    7th

9 Terry Robinson           8th  


29 Minutes

10 Des Read                   9th

11 Sue Theodore                               









Aug 6th 2017

The Colac Vets had their smallest field for the year with just 10 riders fronting up to race in cold but dry conditions for their club race.

Riders raced a four lap course with reasonably strong north westerly winds.

Des Read was sent off the 36 minute mark and had a big 29 minute head start on the next bunch of three riders.

Meanwhile lone scratchman Tony Luppino had to chase 2 minutes to a bunch of five riders and did a tremendous job in reeling them in before the end of the third lap.

This group of six riders came in just 19 seconds behind the 7 minute trio consisting of Rebecca Luppino, Gavin O’Brien and Gerard Hickey who took second, third and fourth place respectively.

But it was Des Read who held on out in front to comfortably come in with over three minutes to spare and take his second win since returning back to the Colac Vets in 2014.

Result: 48Km Club Race



1 Tony Luppino              5th &Fastest Time


2 Minutes                     

2 Arno van der Schans    6th    

3 Heather Hamling          7th      

4 David Coventry            8th 

5 Ralph Iselt                     9th

6 Steve Hamling              10th    


7 Minutes                                       

7 Rebecca Luppino          2nd     

8 Gavin O’Brien              3rd   

9 Gerard Hickey              4th   


36 Minutes

10 Des Read                    1st