April 2017


April 30th 2017

The Colac Vets had a field of twenty-one riders for their club race.

Riders raced in cool conditions with little wind.

The scratch duo wasted no time in setting a cracking pace to reel in the 3 minutes to the five riders from the second scratch bunch by the 33Km mark.

Meanwhile the 5-minute bunch had caught the 7.30-minute bunch and the 14-minute trio had caught the two limit riders out on 22 minutes.

Scratch continued to drive the pace with only Darren Allan able to help them with turns.

They caught the middle markers at the 37Km mark with the front markers being caught 2Km later with seven kilometres to go.

With 4km to go Grant Oates put in a surge of pace with only Tony Luppino going with him with the scratch duo getting a small break on the rest of the field.

They went on to stay clear with Tony Luppino taking the win and fastest time over co-marker Grant Oates.

Darren Allan led the rest of the field in to take third place.

Result: 46Km Club Race



1 Tony Luppino          1st & Fastest Time

2 Grant Oates            2nd  


3 Minutes                                 

3 Darren Allan             3rd

4 Ralph Iselt                 5th  

5 Heather Hamling       7th  

6 Steve Hamling           8th  

7 Damian Luppino         9th 


5 Minutes      

8 Gavin O’Brien           4th  

9 Rebecca Luppino       6th

10 John Lee

11 Paul Millar


7 Minutes 30 Seconds

12 Gerard Hickey           10th

13 Peter Theodore           

14 Len Murfitt

15 Tom McBroom

16 Paul Allen


14 Minutes

17 Ian MacKay  

18 Peter Neal                  

19 Neil Widdicombe


22 Minutes

20 Terry Robinson

21 Sue Theodore                









April 23rd 2017

The Colac Vets had a field of seventeen riders for their club race.

Riders raced out to the Wool Wool turn around back through Alvie and Warrion finishing in Factory Road Cororooke.

The field was split into five groups with Scratchman Tony Luppino given the tough task of chasing a 2-minute gap to a bunch of four riders on his own.

The three limit riders, off the 14-minute mark, were caught by the 8-minute bunch with 13 Km to go and five riders went on to hold off the 5-minute bunch at the finish.

Paul Millar was rewarded for his recent good form with a win ahead of co-markers Len Murfitt and Gerard Hickey.

Chris Kane led in the 5-minute foursome not far behind.

Darren Allan led in Ralph Iselt, Heather and Steve Hamling to take fastest time coming in just over a minute behind the winner.

Tony Luppino missed out by just 14 seconds from getting fastest time.

The club welcomed two new riders with Gavin O’Brien having his first race with the Colac Vets and Ian McKay who has previously raced with the Vets.

Result: 46Km Club Race



1 Tony Luppino   


2 Minutes                                 

2 Darren Allan               Fastest Time

3 Ralph Iselt

4 Heather Hamling

5 Steve Hamling


5 Minutes      

6 Chris Kane                 6th

7 Gavin O’Brien           7th  

8 Rebecca Luppino       8th  

9 David Coventry           9th 


8 Minutes

10 Paul Millar                 1st

11 Len Murfitt               2nd  

12 Gerard Hickey           3rd

13 Peter Theodore         10th

14 Ian McKay


14 Minutes

15 Bruce Roberts           4th  

16 Peter Neal                 5th  

17 Terry Robinson         Punctured                












April 9th 2017

The Colac Vets had a small field of just eleven riders turn up to race the monthly medal in cold and windy conditions and were lucky to avoid the heavy rain that came after the race had finished.

Tom McBroom claimed another monthly medal, after having won one in November last year, just beating last month’s medal winner Bruce Roberts.

Noel Symons was a little further back in third place.

Heather Hamling led in Chris Kane to take fastest time with this pair coming in one minute and 35 seconds behind the winner.

There will be no club race over the Easter break.

Result: 47Km Monthly Medal



1 Heather Hamling        5th & Fastest Time

2 Chris Kane                   6th

3 Ralph Iselt                   DNF 


3 Minutes                                 

4 Len Murfitt                 4th

5 Peter Theodore           7th

6 Gary Legg                   8th  


7 Minutes      

7 Tom McBroom           1st  

8 Noel Symons             3rd  

9 Neil Widdicombe       9th


12 Minutes

10 Bruce Roberts           2nd

11 Alan Green               10th                  










April 2nd 2017

The Colac Vets had a reasonable field of fifteen riders for their club race even with eight members away doing the Murray to Moyne.

The five bunch field raced in cool conditions with moderate winds over a three lap course.

The middle marker 6-minute bunch of four riders held off the 3-minute second scratch foursome by 52 seconds at the Cororooke hall finish.

Damian Luppino claimed his first win since joining the Colac Vets two years ago.

New rider David Coventry having his third handicap race this year was second ahead of Rebecca Luppino in third place.

Heather Hamling led in the second scratch foursome with the scratch duo coming in just 20 seconds later to finish one minute and twelve seconds behind the winner.

Tony Luppino led in Nick Brown to take fastest time.

Result: 41Km Club Race



1 Tony Luppino            Fastest Time

2 Nick Brown 


3 Minutes                                 

3 Heather Hamling         7th

4 Mark Purdie                8th

5 Steve Hamling             9th  

6 Ralph Iselt                   10th


6 Minutes      

7 Damian Luppino         1st  

8 David Coventry           2nd

9 Rebecca Luppino         3rd  

10 Chris Kane                 5th


9 Minutes

11 Peter Theodore           4th

12 Paul Allen                   6th  

13 Gary Legg  


14 Minutes

14 Bruce Roberts

15 Terry Robinson