May 26th 2019


The Colac Vets had 84 starters for their open race starting and finishing at Cororooke.

Riders raced in dry weather but with strong westerly winds with 66 riders finishing the race in the tough conditions.

Colac pair Andrew Pownceby and Gavin O’Brien riding off the 7 Minute 30 second mark put in good race.

They and four other riders were in the lead with 6Km to go when they were caught by scratch going through Alvie.

They managed to finish seventh and eighth respectively.

Scratch filled the first six places.

There will be no club race this week with Colac being invited to race with Geelong at Paraparap.


Result: 59Km May Open


First:      Tim Bennett (scratch) Geelong

Second:  Stephen Lane (scratch) Northern

Third:     Steve Richards (scratch) Geelong

Fourth:   Paul Scouller (scratch) Warrnambool

Fifth:      Tony Giuliano (scratch) Northern

Sixth:     Tim Canny (scratch) Eureka

Seventh: Andrew Pownceby (7.30) Colac

Eighth:   Gavin O’Brien (7.30) Colac

Ninth:    Nigel Pearson (10.30) Geelong

Tenth:    Ricky Calvert (10.30) Eureka


Fastest Time: Tim Bennett (scratch) Geelong





May 19th 2019


The Colac Vets had a small field of nine riders for their monthly medal.

Riders raced in perfect conditions with no wind.

Gavin O’Brien was the only regular scratchmen to turn up and having done a 68Km race the day before, he was put off with the five second scratch riders to form scratch.

The back markers have won most of the races so far this year and so the handicapper gave what he thought would be a big enough buffer to the next two riders Chris Kane and Gerard Hickey, being 12 minutes, and 25 minutes out to lone limit rider Terry Robinson.

But the race turned out to be the closest finish this year.

Coming around the last bend before the Lineen’s Road hill scratch were surprised to see the three leaders in the distance.

Referee Wayne Burnett who was following the race gave warning to the leaders with 2km to go that scratch was fast approaching and to get a move on.

In the final few hundred metres Steve Hamling and Gavin O’Brien put in some big turns to get scratch a chance of stealing the race.

But the experienced Chris Kane did just enough to hold off last week’s winner Ralph Iselt by just half a wheel on the line to take his first monthly medal for some years.

David Coventry finished off well for third place.

This week the club will hold their May Open race with up to 100 riders expected to enter.


Result: 47Km Monthly Medal



1 Ralph Iselt             2nd & Fastest Time

2 David Coventry     3rd 

3 Nick Brown             4th         

4 Gavin O’Brien         5th   

5 Heather Hamling     7th  

6 Steve Hamling         8th    


12 Minutes

7 Chris Kane             1st                 

8 Gerard Hickey         6th 


25 Minutes

9 Terry Robinson        9th   








May 12th 2019

The Colac Vets had a field of thirteen riders for their club race.
Riders started off in drizzly conditions but then cleared with the roads soon drying out for the remainder of the race.
The two scratchmen were set a tough task of chasing a 3-minute gap to second scratch.
The second scratch mark has good numbers at the moment and a bunch of six riders couldn’t be separated thus making up nearly half the field.
The two limit riders had a ten-minute head start on the next three riders and twenty minutes on scratch.
The three 10-minute riders were down to two riders early on giving them little chance of catching the limit riders.
The two remaining 10-minute riders were then caught and passed by the six riders from second scratch with 7km to go.
The two limit riders were also caught and passed by second scratch with two and a half kilometres to go.
Coming around the church corner with 1300 metres to go Steve Hamling started a long lead out.
David Coventry then took over with 600 metres remaining.
Ralph Iselt then waited until 150 metres to go before coming off Coventry’s wheel to take the win.
Heather Hamling once again finished well for second having done a 57Km race the day before.
Coventry held on for third place.
The scratchmen came in just under two minutes later to save fastest time by one minute and 5 seconds with Gavin O’Brien leading in Tony Luppino.

Result: 38Km Club Race

1 Gavin O’Brien 8th & Fastest Time
2 Tony Luppino 9th

3 Minutes
3 Ralph Iselt 1st
4 Heather Hamling 2nd
5 David Coventry 3rd
6 Steve Hamling 4th
7 Nick Brown 5th
8 Mark Purdie 6th

10 Minutes
9 Chris Kane
10 Peter Theodore
11 Gary Legg

20 Minutes
12 Peter Neal 7th
13 Terry Robinson 10th