December 2020


December 13th 2020


The Colac Vets had a small field of eleven riders for their last and just the third monthly medal for the year.

Riders raced in warm and windy conditions.

The three scratchmen set a cracking pace to catch the 4-minute bunch after just 20Km.

Only two other riders, from the second scratch bunch, were able to stay with the scratchmen.

On the climb up Lineen’s hill before the finish, two scratchmen cleared away with Andrew Pownceby taking the win over Tony Luppino.

Ralph Iselt led the next three riders in to take third place.


Result: 47Km Monthly Medal



1 Andrew Pownceby      1st & Fastest Time          

2 Tony Luppino              2nd 

3 Gavin O’Brien               4th    


4 Minutes

4 Ralph Iselt                     3rd 

5 Arno van der Schans      5th               

6 Damian Luppino

7 David Coventry


11 Minutes                 

8 Gerard Hickey                 6th           

9 Peter Theodore

10 Bruce Roberts


31 Minutes

11 Murray Matthews