March 2020


March 22nd 2020


The Colac Vets had a field of fourteen riders for their monthly medal.

Riders raced with south westerly winds and had a couple of showers of rain.

The field was split into four bunches.

The two limit riders had a 13 minute head start on the next four riders and 22 minutes start on the four scratchmen.

The four scratchmen caught the four second scratch riders with 13Km to go and then the four riders from the 9 minute bunch shortly after.

The two limit riders were then caught at the bottom of Lineen’s hill with 2Km to go.

At this point scratchmen Nick Brown and Simon Redford jumped away from the back of the bunch and went on to hold off the rest of the field.

Redford crossed the line ahead of Brown to take his third monthly medal since joining the Vets in 2017.

Ralph Iselt led the remaining riders in to take third place.


Result: 52Km Monthly medal



1 Simon Redford      1st & Fastest Time          

2 Nick Brown            2nd 

3 Daryl Suter              4th           

4 Steve Hamling         6th   


3 Minutes

5 Ralph Iselt               3rd 

6 Heather Hamling      5th  

7 Larry Nocera             7th 

8 Mark Purdie             


9 Minutes                 

9 Gerard Hickey           8th  

10 Chris Kane

11 Peter Theodore

12 Bruce Roberts


22 Minutes

13 Paul Allen               9th   

14 Peter Neal               10th 








March 15th 2020


The Colac Vets had a field of fourteen riders for their club race.

Riders raced in moderate winds with the field split into five bunches.

The two limit riders had a 14 minute head start on the next two riders and 26 minutes start on the three scratchmen.

They went on to finish over a minute ahead of the next group with Murray Matthews taking the win over co marker Peter Neal.

Ralph Iselt led the next group of seven riders in to take third place.

The scratchmen came in 2 minutes 11 seconds behind the winner with Tony Luppino taking fastest time over co markers Gavin O’Brien and Daryl Suter.


Result: 47Km Club Race



1 Tony Luppino         10th & Fastest Time          

2 Gavin O’Brien

3 Daryl Suter               


2 Min 30 Sec           

4 Nick Brown              4th 

5 Simon Redford         7th 

6 Steve Hamling          9th     


5 Minutes

7 Ralph Iselt                3rd 

8 Larry Nocera             5th 

9 Mark Purdie               6th 

10 Heather Hamling      8th


12 Minutes  

11 Chris Kane               

12 Gerard Hickey


26 Minutes

13 Murray Matthews   1st   

14 Peter Neal                 2nd 







March 1st 2020


The Colac Vets held over their February monthly medal race due to last week’s cancellation.

A good field of twenty riders raced in favourable conditions with little wind.

The field was split into seven small bunches.

Three of the four riders that started off in the 13.30 minute bunch went on to finish with one rider from the 17 minute bunch and one rider from the 25 minute bunch.

These five riders finished with over two minutes to spare from the next group.

Gerard Hickey claimed his first monthly medal in four years ahead of Chris Kane and Bruce Roberts.

The two scratchmen came in five minutes later with Tony Luppino taking fastest time over Andrew Pownceby.

There will be no club race this coming long weekend.


Result: 46Km Monthly Medal



1 Tony Luppino           Fastest Time          

2 Andrew Pownceby               


3 Minutes           

3 Gavin O’Brien

4 Nick Brown

5 Daryl Suter               


6 Min 30 Sec

6 Mark Purdie              8th 

7 Heather Hamling       9th 

8 Steve Hamling


7 Min 30 Sec

9 Larry Nocera             7th  

10 Ralph Iselt               10th 

11 Damian Luppino


13 Min 30 Sec

12 Gerard Hickey        1st  

13 Chris Kane              2nd  

14 Peter Theodore         4th 

15 Glenn Paton              6th  


17 Minutes

16 Bruce Roberts          3rd 

17 Paul Allen


25 Minutes

18 Murray Matthews     5th  

19 Peter Neal

20 Terry Robinson