August 2019


August 25th 2019


With the Colac Vets having cancelled their last two club races due to a combination of lack of numbers and bad weather, this week they were back for the monthly medal with ten riders.

The two limit riders out on the 29-minute mark were caught heading up Lineen’s hill with 7Km remaining by the 5-minute foursome.

Lone middle marker Simon Williams was then caught 2km later.

This group was then caught by the two remaining scratchmen 1km later.

Heading up the Alvie hill, Steve Hamling went to the front and lifted the pace.

Tuning into Red Rock Reserve Road to finish off with the final 400 metre ascent, Andrew Pownceby attacked.

But Tony Luppino was able to reel Pownceby back and pass him to take his fourth win and first monthly medal for the year.

Heather Hamling finished off well for third place.


Result: 51Km Monthly Medal



1 Tony Luppino           1st & Fastest Time                     

2 Andrew Pownceby   2nd 

3 Gavin O’Brien            8th 


5 Minutes   

4 Heather Hamling      3rd 

5 Steve Hamling            4th

6 Ralph Iselt                  5th 

7 Mark Purdie                6th 


14 Minutes

8 Simon Williams          7th     


29 Minutes

9 Tom McBroom            9th 

10 Murray Matthews      10th 











August 4th 2019

The Colac Vets had five riders compete among a field of 41 riders in a Geelong combine race at Paraparap.
Riders competed over a challenging course with a hill climb finish.
Colac fared well by having the top two finishers.
Nick Brown backed up his club race win last week to take out the race from Heather Hamling with Geelong’s Steve Barille in third place.
These three finished with just over a minute to spare from the scratch bunch.


Result: 62Km Rocket Ascent Combine Handicap


First: Nick Brown (12.00) Colac
Second: Heather Hamling (12.00) Colac
Third: Steve Barille (16.00) Geelong
Fourth: Trent Clifford (scratch) Geelong
Fifth: Tim Canny (scratch) Eureka
Sixth: Jason Hendry (scratch) Eureka
Seventh: Brad Haskett (scratch) Geelong
Eighth: Andrew Goodwin (scratch) Geelong
Ninth: Nigel Pearson (7.00) Geelong
Tenth: Steve Douglas (7.00) Geelong


Fastest Time: Trent Clifford (scratch) Geelong