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October 2019

October 2019


October 6th 2019


The Colac Vets had 34 riders compete in the Red Rock Classic.

Riders battled strong westerly winds over a four lap course going five times over the Alvie hill and then finishing with a one kilometre climb to the top of red rock.

Four riders from the second scratch bunch combined well to ride through the field and kept well clear of the four scratchmen.

Geelong’s Nigel Pearson made his move with 500 metres of the climb to go and held off his four co markers to take the win.

Geelong’s Steve Douglas was second with Colac’s Gavin O’Brien in third and Geelong’s Kane Airey in fourth place.

Colac’s Tony Luppino led the scratchmen in some three minutes later to take fastest time.

There will be no club race this week with Colac being invited to race with Geelong.


Result: 54Km Red Rock Classic


First:      Nigel Pearson (4.00) Geelong

Second:  Steve Douglas (4.00) Geelong

Third:     Gavin O’Brien (4.00) Colac

Fourth:   Kane Airey (4.00) Geelong

Fifth:      Daryl Suter (7.30) Geelong

Sixth:     Tony Luppino (scratch) Colac

Seventh: Andrew Goodwin (scratch) Geelong

Eighth:   Grant Oates (scratch) Colac

Ninth:    Andrew Pownceby (scratch) Colac

Tenth:    Heather Hamling (9.00) Colac


Fastest Time: Tony Luppino (scratch) Colac




September 2019

September 2019


September 29th 2019


The Colac Vets had fifteen riders for their monthly medal.

The sixteen-minute bunch of five riders caught the two limit riders out on the 27-minute mark and went on to hold off the back markers by just over one minute at the finish.

Chris Kane claimed his second monthly medal for the year ahead of Rebecca Luppino and Bruce Roberts.

The scratch foursome caught the second scratch riders with 10Km to go.

Grant Oates attacked up Lineen’s hill, but Tony Luppino was able to quickly respond and go on to take fastest time.

This week the club will host the Red Rock Classic with riders from Geelong and Warrnambool also competing.


Result: 52Km Monthly Medal



1 Tony Luppino            6th & Fastest Time          

2 Grant Oates                7th     

3 Gavin O’Brien            8th  

4 Andrew Pownceby     9th        


7 Minutes   

5 Heather Hamling        10th 

6 Mark Purdie

7 Damian Luppino

8 Glenn Paton                 


16 Minutes

9 Chris Kane                 1st       

10 Rebecca Luppino     2nd   

11 Bruce Roberts          3rd 

12 Peter Theodore           4th          

13 Gerard Hickey            5th 


27 Minutes

14 Terry Robinson

15 Murray Matthews










September 22nd 2019


The Colac Vets had their best field in three months with sixteen riders competing.

Riders raced a four lap course in dry conditions but with a reasonably strong cold north westerly wind blowing.

The field was split in to five bunches, with two more riders being added to last week’s winning limit front marker bunch.

This bunch of four riders once again held off the field by nearly a couple of minutes.

Paul Allen, having just his sixth race for the year, went one place better from last week to take the win ahead of Terry Robinson in second and last weeks winner Peter Neal in third place and Murray Matthews fourth.

Glenn Paton led the combined 13 and 15 minute bunches in next.

The scratch trio caught the second scratch trio on the last lap with this group coming in 2 minutes 45 seconds behind the winner.

Tony Luppino took fastest time over Andrew Pownceby and Gavin O’Brien.


Result: 48Km Club Race



1 Tony Luppino           9th & Fastest Time             

2 Andrew Pownceby   10th        

3 Gavin O’Brien             


6 Minutes   

4 Heather Hamling

5 Steve Hamling

6 Ralph Iselt                   


13 Minutes

7 Glenn Paton               5th 

8 Chris Kane                 6th     

9 Peter Theodore           7th  


15 Minutes

10 John Lee                   8th   

11 Len Murfitt

12 Gerard Hickey          Mechanical Failure


27 Minutes

13 Paul Allen                 1st

14 Terry Robinson        2nd  

15 Peter Neal                  3rd 

16 Murray Matthews       4th









September 15th 2019


The Colac Vets had a field of ten riders competing over a three lap course for their club race.

Riders started off in warm conditions but showers early in the race dropped the temperature slightly.

Last week’s lone limit rider Peter Neal, had help from co marker Paul Allen this week.

This pair went on to hold off the field by one and three quarter minutes at the finish with Neal taking his second win for the year over Allen.

The scratch duo picked up the rest of the field in the last half lap with Tony Luppino coming in third and taking fastest time over co marker Gavin O’Brien.


Result: 41Km Club Race



1 Tony Luppino           3rd & Fastest Time                     

2 Gavin O’Brien            4th 


5 Minutes   

3 Ralph Iselt                  5th 

4 Damian Luppino         6th 

5 Glenn Paton


11 Minutes

6 Chris Kane                  7th     

7 Peter Theodore            8th  

8 Rebecca Luppino        Punctured


22 Minutes

9 Peter Neal                   1st 

10 Paul Allen                 2nd 









September 8th 2019


The Colac Vets had just their second club race in five weeks with only seven riders turning up to race in cold and windy conditions.

Peter Neal was the lone limit rider out on 23 minutes and was caught by the 4.30-minute foursome with 8Km to go.

Coming in to the Cororooke hall finish, Steve Hamling was rewarded for his many strong performances with a rare win.

Heather Hamling continued her good form coming in second with Ralph Iselt finishing in third place.

Tony Luppino led in co marker Gavin O’Brien to take fastest time.


Result: 38Km Club Race


First : Steve Hamling (4.30)

Second : Heather Hamling(4.30)

Third : Ralph Iselt (4.30)

Fourth : Mark Purdie (4.30)

Fifth : Tony Luppino (scratch)

Sixth : Gavin O’Brien (scratch)

Seventh : Peter Neal (23.00)


Fastest Time : Tony Luppino (scratch)                                             


August 2019

August 2019


August 25th 2019


With the Colac Vets having cancelled their last two club races due to a combination of lack of numbers and bad weather, this week they were back for the monthly medal with ten riders.

The two limit riders out on the 29-minute mark were caught heading up Lineen’s hill with 7Km remaining by the 5-minute foursome.

Lone middle marker Simon Williams was then caught 2km later.

This group was then caught by the two remaining scratchmen 1km later.

Heading up the Alvie hill, Steve Hamling went to the front and lifted the pace.

Tuning into Red Rock Reserve Road to finish off with the final 400 metre ascent, Andrew Pownceby attacked.

But Tony Luppino was able to reel Pownceby back and pass him to take his fourth win and first monthly medal for the year.

Heather Hamling finished off well for third place.


Result: 51Km Monthly Medal



1 Tony Luppino           1st & Fastest Time                     

2 Andrew Pownceby   2nd 

3 Gavin O’Brien            8th 


5 Minutes   

4 Heather Hamling      3rd 

5 Steve Hamling            4th

6 Ralph Iselt                  5th 

7 Mark Purdie                6th 


14 Minutes

8 Simon Williams          7th     


29 Minutes

9 Tom McBroom            9th 

10 Murray Matthews      10th 











August 4th 2019

The Colac Vets had five riders compete among a field of 41 riders in a Geelong combine race at Paraparap.
Riders competed over a challenging course with a hill climb finish.
Colac fared well by having the top two finishers.
Nick Brown backed up his club race win last week to take out the race from Heather Hamling with Geelong’s Steve Barille in third place.
These three finished with just over a minute to spare from the scratch bunch.


Result: 62Km Rocket Ascent Combine Handicap


First: Nick Brown (12.00) Colac
Second: Heather Hamling (12.00) Colac
Third: Steve Barille (16.00) Geelong
Fourth: Trent Clifford (scratch) Geelong
Fifth: Tim Canny (scratch) Eureka
Sixth: Jason Hendry (scratch) Eureka
Seventh: Brad Haskett (scratch) Geelong
Eighth: Andrew Goodwin (scratch) Geelong
Ninth: Nigel Pearson (7.00) Geelong
Tenth: Steve Douglas (7.00) Geelong


Fastest Time: Trent Clifford (scratch) Geelong


July 2019

July 2019









July 28th 2019

The Colac Vets had a small field of nine riders for their club race.
Riders raced in cool conditions with a light north westerly wind.
The two scratchman were chasing a two-minute gap to a bunch of five riders with only one rider on the middle mark of ten minutes and one rider out on the limit mark of 26 minutes.
Ten-minute rider Chris Kane was caught by the five second scratch riders at the 30Km mark and tucked on the back of this group for the journey back to the finish.
Lone limit rider Terry Robinson was caught by this group with 4Km remaining.
Coming around the last corner into Factory Road the two scratchmen were not far behind.
In the sprint to the finish line Nick Brown jumped away and was rewarded for a strong ride to take his first win in three years.
Chris Kane followed Brown closely in the sprint to finish second with Larry Nocera coming in third place.
Andrew Pownceby finished just 50 metres behind to take fastest time over co marker Gavin O’Brien.
There will be no club race this weekend with the Geelong club hosting a combine race at Paraparap.

Result: 48Km Club Race

1 Andrew Pownceby 5th & Fastest Time
2 Gavin O’Brien 7th


2 Minutes
3 Nick Brown 1st
4 Larry Nocera 3rd
5 Heather Hamling 4th
6 Ralph Iselt 6th
7 Steve Hamling 8th


10 Minutes
8 Chris Kane 2nd


26 Minutes
9 Terry Robinson 9th










July 21st 2019

The Colac Vets had thirteen riders for their monthly medal.
With no middle markers present the handicapper decided to split the eleven backmarkers up into four small bunches spread out over six minutes.
The two limit riders were out on 24 minutes.
Riders once again raced with strong westerly winds.
The 4.30-minute trio caught the 6.00-minute trio with 19Km to go.
These six were then caught by the second scratch trio 2Km later.
Turning into Melrose Road the nine riders were riding single file into a head wind for the next six kilometres.
At the end of Melrose Road, the two front markers were caught and passed with 11Km to go.
Turning left out of Melrose Road and into a cross wind, nine riders became six with no room left to the edge of the road.
Heading to the Lineen’s Road finish line, David Coventry edged out Matt Simmonds by just 15 centimetres to take his second monthly medal this year.
Gavin O’Brien was third.
The two scratchmen came in about a minute later with Tony Luppino taking fastest time over Andrew Pownceby.

Result: 47Km Monthly Medal

1 Tony Luppino 7th & Fastest Time
2 Andrew Pownceby 8th


2 Minutes 30 Seconds
3 David Coventry 1st
4 Matt Simmonds 2nd
5 Gavin O’Brien 3rd


4 Minutes 30 Seconds
6 Nick Brown 4th
7 Heather Hamling 5th
8 Steve Hamling 9th


6 Minutes
9 Ralph Iselt 6th
10 Larry Nocera 10th
11 Mark Purdie


24 Minutes
12 Peter Neal
13 Terry Robinson








July 14th 2019

The Colac Vets had ten riders brave the wintry conditions for their club race.
Riders competed over a four-lap triangular course having to put up with strong westerly cross winds coming from the right side on the way out and the left side on the way back four times.
Their only relief was the tailwind section along Brown’s Lane.
Lone limit rider Tom McBroom, who was having his first race with the Vets since December 2017, had a seven-minute head start on Bruce Roberts and Gerard Hickey and 22 minutes on the three scratchmen.
In the tough conditions the field was coming together at the end of the third lap.
The second scratch foursome hit the lead 2Km into the fourth lap with the two remaining scratchmen just 45 seconds behind.
The second scratch bunch did well to hold off the scratchmen on the last lap but were caught in the final kilometre.
Andrew Pownceby claimed his second win, since joining the Vets last year, ahead of Tony Luppino and Heather Hamling.

Result: 48Km Club Race

1 Andrew Pownceby 1st & Fastest Time
2 Tony Luppino 2nd
3 Gavin O’Brien


3 Minutes 30 Seconds
4 Heather Hamling 3rd
5 Steve Hamling 4th
6 Larry Nocera 5th
7 David Coventry 6th


15 Minutes
8 Bruce Roberts
9 Gerard Hickey


22 Minutes
10 Tom McBroom

June 2019




 Sunday, 4 August 2019 No Club Race 9:30 am 9 Geelong Combine - "The Rocket Assent" Handicap Paraparap 


July 7th 2019


The Colac Vets had twenty-three riders for the Ted Taylor Memorial.

Numbers were well down from previous years with only six guest riders competing.

Riders raced in calm conditions over a course that took riders three times over the Alvie hill and finishing up and over Lineen’s hill.

The seven-minute bunch of six riders were down to four riders early in the race.

But that did not hold back their performance with them going on to reel in the 14-minute bunch of six riders with 15Km to go.

The two limit riders were caught with in the next five kilometres.

Heading up over the Alvie hill eight riders remained to contest the Lineen’s Road finish.

Thirty-eight-year-old Hamilton rider Danny Hunt was a clear winner ahead of Colac’s Nick Brown and Heather Hamling.

The second scratch bunch came in two minutes later.

The scratch bunch of five riders were on the attack with 7Km to go with the Warrnambool riders getting a break on the Colac riders.

They came in three minutes behind the winner with Paul Scouller taking fastest time over his brother Glenn.


Result: 55Km Ted Taylor Memorial



1 Paul Scouller (W)      Fastest Time

2 Glenn Scouller (W)  

3 Grant Oates

4 Andrew Pownceby

5 Tony Luppino


4 Minutes

6 Harold Morton (W)    9th 

7 Matt Simmonds         10th 

8 David Coventry         

9 Gavin O’Brien


7 Minutes

10 Danny Hunt (H)       1st 

11 Nick Brown              2nd 

12 Heather Hamling     3rd

13 Steve Hamling           7th

14 Mark Purdie

15 Larry Nocera


14 Minutes

16 Chris Kane                 4th     

17 Bruce Roberts            5th 

18 Clive Coomber (W)    6th  

19 Rebecca Luppino        8th  

20 Gerard Hickey

21 Barry Warren (W)


28 Minutes

22 Peter Neal

23 Terry Robinson



June 30th 2019


The Colac Vets had eight riders compete among a field of 25 riders with the Warrnambool club at Terang.

Riders competed over a three lap course with a hill climb two kilometres before the end of each lap.

The six strong scratch bunch hit the lead at the bottom of the hill the last time around.

Colac’s Grant Oates immediately attacked at this point with only Warrnambool’s Glenn Scouller getting across to him.

Oates was forced to continue working to the finish line with Scouller coming over the top of him to take the win.

Colac’s Tony Luppino was fourth with scratch filling the first six places.

This week Colac will host the Ted Taylor Memorial with the Geelong and Warrnambool clubs competing.


Result: 45Km Boydle Memorial at Terang


First:      Glenn Scouller (scratch) Warrnambool

Second:  Grant Oates (scratch) Colac

Third:     Paul Scouller (scratch) Warrnambool

Fourth:   Tony Luppino (scratch) Colac

Fifth:      John Watkinson (scratch) Warrnambool

Sixth:     Wayne Collins (scratch) Warrnambool


Fastest Time: Glenn Scouller (scratch) Warrnambool


Other Colac riders who competed

Gavin O’Brien

Matt Simmonds

Chris Kane

Rebecca Luppino

Gerard Hickey

Bruce Roberts




 June 23rd 2019

No Race due to poor weather conditions


June 16th 2019


The Colac Vets had sixteen riders for their monthly medal.

With the back markers getting up last week the handicapper decided to put some bigger gaps between bunches this week.

But half way into the race in the still conditions it looked like none of the bunches would amalgamate.

And so, two of the three riders from the front marker 30-minute limit bunch held on to win by 44 seconds.

Peter Neal beat Terry Robinson to claim his first win since 2012.

A year in which he also had his last monthly medal win.

Peter Theodore led the 16-minute bunch of four riders in to take third place.

David Coventry led in the five riders from the second scratch bunch 58 seconds later.

The four scratchmen were a further 3 minutes back with Tony Luppino leading in Andrew Pownceby, Grant Oates and Gavin O’Brien to take fastest time.


Result: 54Km Monthly Medal



1 Tony Luppino            Fastest Time

2 Andrew Pownceby   

3 Grant Oates

4 Gavin O’Brien


6 Minutes 30 Seconds

5 David Coventry          8th             

6 Heather Hamling        9th     

7 Mark Purdie               10th 

8 Steve Hamling

9 Nick Brown


16 Minutes

10 Peter Theodore        3rd           

11 Gerard Hickey           4th           

12 Rebecca Luppino       5th 

13 Simon Williams         6th 


30 Minutes

14 Peter Neal                  1st     

15 Terry Robinson         2nd  

16 Murray Matthews        7th   





June 10th 2019


The Colac Vets had their club race on the Monday afternoon of the long weekend.

A field of thirteen riders raced in very strong winds.

The scratchmen Tony Luppino and Andrew Pownceby revelled in the tough conditions to take first and second place respectively with second scratch rider David Coventry coming in third place.


Result: 37Km Club Race



1 Tony Luppino             1st & Fastest Time

2 Andrew Pownceby     2nd  


3 Minutes

3 David Coventry          3rd            

4 Heather Hamling         4th  

5 Steve Hamling             5th    

6 Mark Purdie


10 Minutes

7 Barry Warren               6th                  

8 Rebecca Luppino         7th 

9 Simon Williams           8th 

10 Gerard Hickey           10th  

11 Bruce Roberts

12 Peter Theodore


24 Minutes

13 Murray Matthews       9th    


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